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Upgrade your home with Simonton vinyl windows. We're an authorized dealer for all Simonton product lines. Some of Simonton's products are specifically designed for certain geographic areas, and others are only available through exclusive distributors.


Our goal is to help you find the perfect windows and doors to match your home, your personal taste, and your geographic location. Our Simonton vinyl windows are available in white, tan, and driftwood.

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Lake Forest Exteriors offers competent window installations and replacements. We also install solar screens for existing windows. We carry a range of products made by Simonton including Simonton Reflections, Simonton Impressions, Prism by Simonton, Simonton ProFinish, Simonton StormBreaker, and Simonton StormBreaker Plus.


Simonton Reflections are premium vinyl replacement windows and doors that need to be installed by a qualified contractor. The Simonton Reflections line includes 5500, 5300, and 5050 series models.


Simonton Impressions products are vinyl replacement windows and doors that you can only get from an Impressions dealer on the East Coast or West Coast. The Simonton Impressions line offers a range of special options designed to increase energy efficiency.


Prism is an exclusive line of vinyl replacement windows and doors that's only sold by Norandex / Reynolds. They're available in Platinum, Ultra Gold, and Bronze series. Each includes certain features that allow for a truly custom product. Prism by Simonton Polar Wall is made for maximum energy efficiency in harsh climates.


Simonton ProFinish vinyl windows are designed exclusively for use in newly built homes. Simonton ProFinish vinyl windows have some distinctly different models including Master, Builder, Contractor, and Brickmould. Each has certain features that are intended to be compatible with specific types of home construction designs.


Simonton StormBreaker Plus 300VL products are windows and doors designed for impact resistance. They can be used for replacement and new construction projects. They have durable steel or aluminum reinforced vinyl frames and laminated glass for protection against wind-blown debris during storms with strong wind.


Simonton StormBreaker Series 100VL is a vinyl replacement models designed for use in regions where violent winds are common. They're designed to meet varying building codes.


In addition to Simonton window products, we also install Don Young Aluminum Windows in bronze, white, and tan. These windows are specifically designed for maximum thermal efficiency.


Our Don Young windows are now available with simulated divided lights on the 5200 Single Hung Series, 5800 Casement Series, and the 5500 Fixed P.W. Series Window.


These windows have wide thermal breaks in the jambs, heads, sills, and sashes. The breaks are designed to align for the best performance possible. Windows of lesser quality have thinner breaks that might not totally align, or they might not even have a thermal break.


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